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Ibrahim Garba Wala

HRD & National Coordinator
Citizens Action to Take Back Nigeria – CATBAN

Ibrahim Garba Wala (popularly known as IG Wala) is the National Coordinator for Citizens Action to Take Back Nigeria – CATBAN which is a human rights, anti-corruption and pro-democracy platform. CATBAN has led various campaigns and peaceful movements in promoting human rights and the rule of law while documenting human rights violations resulting from practices of impunity and corruption by state actors. Ibrahim Garba Wala has submitted a number of petitionsto the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) detailing corruption in several organisations, specifically highlighting extortion by members of the National Hajj Commission, which is a public body tasked with licensing, regulating, performing over-sight, and undertaking supervisory functions over agencies and other bodies. 


Since 2009, an Islamist armed group known as Boko Haram has been carrying out acts of violence and terrorist attacks in parts of Northern and Central Nigeria. In their response, Nigerian security forces have also perpetrated serious human rights violations. HRDs, often caught in the middle of the conflict, are increasingly targeted by both sides, and work under great fear and insecurity.