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Hisham Ali Mohammad Ali

HRD & Blogger

Hisham Ali Mohammad Ali is a Sudanese blogger and human rights defender. He has contributed to various online forums and news websites and has been vocal about corruption and the practice of torture in Sudan. He has also been an advocate of Sudan’s civil disobedience, which began in late 2016 and included the “stay-at-home strikes”, protesting the violation of human rights by government austerity measures and corruption. The human rights defender moved to Saudi Arabia in 2010 where he had been working as an accountant.

Saudi Arabia

Human rights defenders, activists and individuals who criticise government policies or express dissent or diverging opinion to those of the authorities are subjected to harassment, surveillance, arbitrary detention, smear campaigns, prolonged and unfair trials. Family members of HRDs are also targeted and subjected to intimidation and harassment at the hands of the authorities.