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Gustaf Kawer

HRD, Lawyer
Indonesia Advocates Association
Lawyers for Lawyers Award

"These two lawyers show great and ongoing courage…in a situation largely ignored by the outside world.”

Human Rights Lawyer, Gustaf Kaweris monitored by intelligence agents in certain activities, has been obstructed in providing assistance at the police station, has been thrown out of the investigation room or the courtroom for ‘disturbing the legal process,’ and he has been threatened with prosecution for carrying out his duties in the courtroom.

Human rights defenders in Indonesia face threats, intimidation, restrictions on their freedom of expression and assembly, judicial harassment including criminal defamation suits, stigmatisation, arbitrary arrest, ill-treatment, torture, forced disappearances and killings. Many of these crimes against defenders are perpetrated by members of the security forces and criminal factions allegedly employed by the authorities.


Gustaf Kawher Testimony - 2015 Dublin Platform