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Gunay Ismayilova

Gunay Ismayilova

HRD, Lawyer & Deputy Chair
Institute for Reporter’s Freedom and Safety

Gunay Ismayilova is a media lawyer and deputy chair of the Institute for Reporter’s Freedom and Safety (IRFS), a non-government organisation (NGO) founded in 2006 with the aim of supporting journalists and freedom of the media in Azerbaijan.

In August 2014, her bank accounts were frozen and a travel ban was issued against her, as a part of general crackdown on local NGOs, even though no legal charges have been brought against her.


Serious concern has been expressed in relation to the exercise of freedom of expression (including online), freedom of assembly and association. Despite mounting pressure from regional and international human rights bodies, the Government of Azerbaijan has failed to address any of the concerns raised. On the contrary, judicial harassment of journalists, editors and bloggers has been on the rise.