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Elektra Koutra

Elektra Koutra

HRD, Lawyer
Hellenic Action for Human Rights - Pleiades

Elektra Koutra is a lawyer specializing in Human Rights, Asylum and Criminal Law. She is the Spokeswoman for the "Hellenic Action for Human Rights" - "Pleiades" (2009), Lawyers Without Borders Greece (1995) and Human Rights Defenders Support Network (DYYAD). She has represented thousands of victims of human rights violations on national and international level. She is also a published poet, painter and actor.


Human rights defenders (HRDs) in Greece have faced an increasingly hostile environment since the refugee crisis in Europe intensified in 2015. HRDs and independent journalists working on the rights of minorities, and those providing humanitarian assistance to migrants and asylum seekers in Greece, are the main targets of persistent acts of harassment and intimidation.