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Dafne “Muñeca” Aguilar

Dafne “Muñeca” Aguilar

Comando Trans Interseccional

Muñeca Aguilar is a human rights defender in southern Mexico. She is a sex worker and cultural manager with projects such as the Bazarita LGBT and the Nuevas Aventureras. In 2019 she founded Comando Trans Interseccional, a collective that accompanies trans women sex workers and sexual dissidences. She teaches workshops on sexuality to Mayan-speaking communities. She is a trans woman who is a caregiver to her younger brother with cognitive disabilities.

Human rights defenders (HRDs) and journalists in Mexico are subject to intimidation, legal harassment, arbitrary detention, death threats, acts of physical aggression, enforced disappearances and killings as a result of their activities in defence of human rights and the exercise of freedom of expression and journalism.