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Clara Devis

Clara Devis

Tanzania Community Empowerment Foundation (TACEF)

Clara Devis is a trans human rights defender and sex work feminist. She is Executive Director of Tanzania Community Empowerment Foundation (TACEF), Co-Regional Coordinator East Africa Sex Workers Alliance (EASWA), Steering Committee member at EATHAN, Transgender representative to IBBS -Tanzania, Member African Queer Youth Initiative and Barack Obama African Leaders Program Alumni in 2018, Research Coordinator University of Muhimbili 2016 and she is the founder of the Appreciation for Activists and HRDs in East Africa (AHEA) 2019 to 2020 Awards. She is an activist and human rights defender for Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Sex workers’ rights in Tanzania and East Africa and Africa region. Clara works with several national and international organizations, networks and consortiums. Her work focuses more on advocating for human rights, health rights, socio-economic empowerment, safety and security, gender equality and LGBT and Sex Workers rights in Tanzania and East African and Africa region with the aim that one day LGBTIQ and Sex Workers people will be able to enjoy freedom and equality without having to leave their country.

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Since mid-2016, the government has notably increased its repression of LGBTI rights defenders. Such defenders are therefore forced to keep a low profile and generally operate underground. Homophobia is widespread in Tanzania and same-sex relations are criminalised with a penalty of 30 years in prison if found guilty.