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Awni Abu Shamsiyya

Awni Abu Shamsiyya

HRD, Member
Human Rights Defenders Group

Awni Abu Shamsiyya is a 16 year old human rights defender, known for his participation in the Palestinian non-violent popular resistance movement in Hebron. He is also an active member of the Human Rights Defenders Group, a non-partisan group that aims to document and expose violations of international law and injustice against families in areas of conflict under Israeli occupation. His father, Emad Abu Shamsiyya, is a long-standing activist in Palestine and volunteer at B'Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, where he is involved in documenting the occupation of Tel-Rumeida. Emad Abu Shamsiyya is also a deputy coordinator of the Human Rights Defenders Group.

Human rights defenders in the OPT are subjected to acts of harassment, restrictions on freedom of movement, stigmatisation, abductions, long periods of arbitrary detention usually under administrative detention orders, illegal searches of their homes and offices and killings. In some instances Israeli settlers have also been the perpetrators of violence against human rights defenders.