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Anchana Heemmina

Anchana Heemmina

HRD, Founder
Duayjai Group

Anchana Heemmina is a human rights defender and the founder of the Duay Jai Group, an organisation that provides rehabilitation services for torture victims in Thailand and support for their families. Recently, Anchana Heemmina contributed to the compiling of a report on torture of members of the Muslim Malay minority who had been arrested for alleged involvement with the Deep South insurgent groups in Thailand. In November 2015, she attended the 8th Front Line Defenders Dublin Platform.

The situation is critical in Southern Thailand, where violations against human rights organisations take place in a context of widespread impunity for the perpetrators – who are often government or military officials. Martial law remains in place in parts of the Southern border provinces.


Anchana Heemmina Testimony - 2015 Dublin Platform