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Alassane Traore

Alassane Traore

Coalition Anti SIDA (CAS)

Alassane Traore is an activist and a defender of minority rights of the LGBTIQ community since 2012. He is currently Executive Director of the Coalition Anti SIDA (CAS). Alassane advocates towards a favourable environment for the LGBTIQ community in Mali and the promotion and defence of their rights, documentation of cases of violence, assistance to LGBTIQ victims of violence, capacity building and knowledge of the LGBTIQ community. The Coalition Anti SIDA (CAS) is the LGBTIQA identity association in Mali, which fights for the promotion and defence of human rights and against AIDS. Its vision is for all Malians to live in a country where they are accepted and respected in their sexual orientation, gender identity and serostatus and can live their sexuality, gender identity and private life freely and serenely and that equality is not an empty word.


Following the 2012 military coup that ousted the previous president, Amadou Toumani Toure, Mali has experienced significant instability and upheaval, especially in the north of the country.