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Kyrgyz Indigo

Kyrgyz Indigo


"Kyrgyz Indigo" is a public association that supports LGBTI community in Kyrgyzstan. Its activities are aimed at the formation of a healthy lifestyle, LGBTI, strengthening of psychological health, capacity development, providing shelters in Bishkek and Osh city and protection of the rights of LGBTI. "Kyrgyz Indigo" was founded in 2009 in Bishkek and has conducted trainings on such topics as leadership and activism, HIV, AIDS, STI, hepatitis, tuberculosis and living a healthy lifestyle. Also, the initiative group conducted outreach work, peer-to-peer consultations on safe sex and sexual health.


Human rights defenders (HRDs) in Kyrgyzstan are subjected to smear campaigns, attacks, intimidation, and harassment. Although there are no laws in place which directly target the work of HRDs, the legal system still does not offer protection for HRDs due to consistent corruption at all levels of government, the continuous practice of ill-treatment and torture with impunity, and the lack of independence of monitoring and oversight bodies.