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Hong Kong Citizens Support Patriotic and Democratic Movement Federation

The Hong Kong Citizens Support Patriotic Democracy Movement Federation (Stake) was established on May 21, 1989 to support the Chinese democracy movement. The Stake is a large-scale grassroots democracy promotion organization in Hong Kong, committed to "freeing the pro-democracy activists; rehabilitating the 1989 pro-democracy movement; holding accountable for the massacre; ending the one-party dictatorship; building a democratic China."

Hong Kong Protest

Human rights defenders working on democratization, freedom of expression and association in Hong Kong are seen as a threat to China’s control of Hong Kong and are particularly at risk of judicial harassment. In 2014, when the Umbrella Movement called for real universal suffrage in Hong Kong, hundreds of peaceful protesters were arrested by the police, including dozens of human rights defenders. Human rights defenders involved in the pro-democracy movement still face judicial harassment a few years after the end of the protests. The pro-Beijing media accused these human rights defenders as criminals and separatists, while the Beijing government demanded harsher punishments for these people.