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The Health and Social Services Workers’ Trade Union


The Health and Social Services Workers’ Trade Union (SES) is a professional non-governmental body working to secure fair salaries, job and workplace security and better conditions in the health sector. The SES represents its members during collective negotiations with employers and develops public health policies and promotes free, equal and qualified health services for all. Besides focusing on worker’s rights, SES frequently speaks up against human rights violations and anti-democratic practices in Turkey.

turkey protest

Human rights defenders (HRDs) in Turkey have been subjected to judicial harassment, including criminal prosecution, violent attacks, threats, surveillance, prolonged arbitrary detention, and ill-treatment. In the aftermath of an attempted coup in July 2016, the environment for the work of HRDs deteriorated even further.

Through the wide-ranging use of State of Emergency laws, the Turkish government has significantly infringed on the rights to freedom of expression, media, assembly, and association, and has particularly restricted the liberty of those engaged in human rights work. These laws enable even further human rights violations, as HRDs often do not have the freedom to monitor the activities of the security forces, who have been granted extensive powers.