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Eastern European Center for Multiparty Democracy

The Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy (EECMD), formerly the regional office of the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) in Eastern Europe, is an influential organization dedicated to supporting democratic development and strengthening political pluralism in the region. Founded in Georgia, EECMD provides training, supports political actors and democratic movements, and organizes dialogue platforms to enhance democratic institutions and increase civic engagement. Through promoting inclusive and participatory democratic processes, EECMD facilitates strategic analysis and builds institutional and political capacity, aiming to deepen intra-party democracy.

Human rights defenders in Georgia are often subjected to physical attacks, threats and insults, defamation, and slander. In most cases, these forms of intimidation are levelled against those who protect and promote the rights of migrants and members of national, religious, or sexual minorities, as well as those working on politically sensitive cases and in remote areas where they have almost no opportunities for protection.