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Digital Protection Coordinator for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Front Line Defenders is working to expand its capacity to support Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) and Human Rights Organisations (HROs) in managing risks associated with the use of digital information and communications. We offer direct on the ground support to HRDs with the help of a team of Digital Protection Coordinators (DPC).

We are seeking a coordinator to deliver direct digital protection support to HRDs/HROs at risk in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA).

Job description - DPC will:

  • provide direct one-to-one and group support to improve the protection of digital information and communication of HRDs/HROs at risk in EECA;
  • most frequently conduct support through direct, face-to-face engagement with HRDs/HROs;
  • analyse the specific digital security risks and vulnerabilities facing HRDs/HROs;
  • work with approved HRDs/HROs to create a tailored long-term digital protection plan that meets the specific needs of HRDs/HROs;
  • cooperate with other FLD programs to broaden digital support and integrate other aspects of support, so HRD/HRO receives holistic support in their need;
  • oversee evaluation of her/his support;
  • provide suggestions of HRDs/HROs to support;
  • make sure to have organised work ahead of time for each period of time, work visit or other opportunities;
  • take part in internal meetings (remote and face-to-face) to facilitate the support to HRDs/HROs;
  • submit a written monthly reports documenting her/his work;

Candidates are required to demonstrate:

  • prior good experience in working with HRDs/HROs in the region;
  • very good ICT skills, on the level of computer and network administrators and previous good experience with individual and organisational digital protection support;
  • be based in Eastern Europe or Central Asia, and be able to travel in the region;
  • be able to work independently;
  • very good Russian and English language;

Candidates should have experience with holistic protection as well as a good understanding of the specific risks faced by and protection need of LGBTIQ+, women HRDs and feminist in EECA. Candidates should have good interpersonal skills allowing them to interact with HRDs at risk in situation of stress. Knowledge of the regional languages would be an advantage.

Contract will be full or part time (no less then 75%) position. Salary will be EUR 39,825 per annum for full time position.

Applications with CV and motivation letter should be send to Wojtek Bogusz:

Front Line Defenders is an Equal Opportunities Employer and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

In providing protection and support to HRDs, Front Line Defenders and its staff are committed to:

  • focus on the primacy and centrality of defenders;
  • demonstrate profound respect and empathy for defenders;
  • meet the needs expressed by the defenders in a fast, flexible and relentless manner;
  • achieve tangible impact;
  • act with independence, impartiality and integrity;
  • perform with dedication, professionalism and accountability;
  • show transparency and openness;
  • develop participative and cooperative relations.