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Case History: Umida Akhmedova

At work
About the situation

On 30 January 2014, photographer and human rights defender Ms Umida Akhmedova was released after being held incommunicado for one day. The human rights defender, together with her son Mr Timur Karpov and five other persons, now stands accused of taking part in an unauthorised demonstration on 27 January 2014 in solidarity with Ukrainian protesters outside the Ukrainian embassy in Tashkent.

About Umida Akhmedova

Umida AkhmedovaUmida Akhmedova is a film-maker and photographer who concentrates her work on gender issues in particular. Her son Timur Karpov is also a photographer and works for the Lenta.Ru press agency. In 2014 she was arbitrarily detained for attending peaceful protests in solidarity with the Euromaidan movement in Ukraine.