Hilal Mamedov

Hilel MamedovHilel Mamedov

Human Rights in Azerbaijan

Hilal Mamedov is a human rights defender and a consultant with the Institute for Democracy and Peace and editor in chief of Tolishi Sado (Talysh Voice), the only newspaper in the Talysh minority language. He was also the head of the Committee for the Defence of Novruzali Mamedov, a prominent Talysh scientist and human rights activist charged in June 2008 with espionage in favour of Iran and subsequently sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. Novruzali Mamedov died as a result of torture in prison in 2010.

Front Line Defenders has issued urgent appeals and news items about Hilal Mamedov:

5 February 2014 - Hilal Mamedov's appeal rejected

2 October 2013 - Human rights defender Mr Hilal Mamedov sentenced to 5 years

11 April 2013 - Trial continues on case of human rights defender Mr Hilal Mamedov

4 February 2012 - Closed trial of human rights defender Mr Hilal Mamedov

4 December 2012 Update: Physical attack on human rights defender Hilal Mamedov while in custody

5 September 2012 - Update: Court rejects human rights defender Hilal Mamedov's complaint of ill-treatment

4 July 2012 - Update: Additional charges of high treason and espionage brought against Hilal Mamedov

25 June 2012 - Mr Hilal Mamedov, editor in chief of Tolishi Sado arrested and charged with possession and distribution of heroin