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Across the globe human rights defenders face various forms of persecution in their everyday struggle for human rights

In Honduras an anonymous tip off alerts members of Cofadeh that their Director Bertha Oliva, and other prominent human rights defenders, are on a death list.

In Armenia Mr Arshaluys Hakobyan of the Helsinki Association is taken into custody and beaten.

In Thailand Ms Angkhana Neelaphaijit who is the chairperson of the Working Group on Justice and Peace (WGJP) and wife of the missing human rights lawyer, Somchai Neelaphaijit, who disappeared on 12 March 2004 in Bangkok, is subjected to an ongoing campaign of harassment and intimidation.

These few cases are typical of the thousands of human rights defenders who dedicate their lives and risk their personal security in defence of the rights of others.

Your support will help them to create more just and equal societies for all. These are the people with the power to change the world.

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Had it not been for Front Line, who would have been my refuge and safety?"

- Thompson Ade Bayor, lawyer and human rights defender, Liberia

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Urgent Cases

Mexico - Concerns for the safety and security of human rights defenders opposing mining activities in the state of Colimaposted on: 2014/10/24

Over the past year, environmental and indigenous rights organisations in the municipality of Comala, Colima State, Mexico, have been facing continuous threats, attacks, stigmatisation and criminalisation as a result of their ongoing opposition to a mining concession that has been granted in the Indigenous Nahua community of Zacualpan.

Russian Federation: 73-year-old head of a regional Soldiers Mothers' Committee detained and chargedposted on: 2014/10/21

On 17 October 2014, 73-year-old human rights defender Ms Ludmila Bogatenkova, the head of the Soldiers Mothers' Committee in the city of Budennovsk in the Stavropol region, was charged with fraud and put in pre-trial detention.

Kyrgyzstan: Anti- “homosexual propaganda” draft law adopted by the Parliament in a first readingposted on: 2014/10/17

On 15 October 2014, the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan voted to adopt, in its first reading, the package of amendments to the Criminal Code and the Administrative Code prohibiting “promotion of non-traditional sexual relations in open or indirect way”.

Vietnam – Human rights defender Mr Dang Xuan Dieu severely mistreated in prison posted on: 2014/10/15

On 7 October 2014, the former cell mate of imprisoned Vietnamese human rights defender Mr Dang Xuan Dieu reported the severe, inhuman treatment of Dang Xuan Dieu who has been held in isolation and unable to communicate with anyone outside of the prison since April 2014, when he began a long-term hunger strike in protest over prisoners' rights.

China – Detention of human rights defender Mr Guo Yushanposted on: 2014/10/13

In the early hours of 9 October 2014 human rights defender Mr Guo Yushan was taken from his home by police in Beijing and was detained on suspicion of “picking quarrels”.

Colombia – Renewed threats against human rights defenders and members of MOVICEposted on: 2014/10/09

On 6 October 2014 the Movimiento de Victimas de Crimenes de Estado – MOVICE (Movement of Victims of State Crimes) denounced a series of death threats made against members of the organisation.

China – Disappearance of human rights defender Ms Liu Xizhenposted on: 2014/10/07

As of the 3 October 2014 the whereabouts of human rights defender Ms Liu Xizhen are unknown. It is believed she is being held by police in an unofficial detention centre in Xinyu City, Jiangxi province.

Honduras – Break-in at the offices of LGBTI organisation APUVIMEHposted on: 2014/10/03

On 29 September 2014, a group of unidentified persons broke into the offices of the Asociación para una Vida Mejor (Association for a better life – APUVIMEH), located in the capital city, Tegucigalpa.

Bahrain - Detention of Mr Nabeel Rajab ordered by the public prosecutionposted on: 2014/10/02

On 2 October 2014, the public prosecution in Bahrain ordered the detention of prominent human rights defender Mr Nabeel Rajab for seven days pending investigation.

Azerbaijan – Human rights defender Mr Ilgar Nasibov placed under travel restrictions during criminal investigationposted on: 2014/10/01

On 22 September 2014, human rights defender Mr Ilgar Nasibov was accused of 'deliberately inflicting damage to health' under Article 127.1 of the Azerbaijan's Criminal Code and the police imposed a travel ban.

Thailand – Community-based human rights defenders at risk of violence and eviction by local law enforcement and paramilitaryposted on: 2014/09/30

On 24 September 2014, at about 4.30 p.m., a group of eight men – including two local policemen in uniform, one military officer in uniform, two members of local mafia group and three unidentified men – came to the Khlong Sai Pattana Community in Chaiburi District, Surat Thani Province, which is affiliated with the Southern Peasants' Federation of Thailand (SPFT). The group of men urged the inhabitants of the village to leave the area within seven days.

Israel / OPT – Detention of human rights defender Mr Ayman Nasserposted on: 2014/09/29

In the early hours of 18 September 2014, Israeli forces arrested human rights defender Mr Ayman Nasser at his house in the West Bank village of Saffa.

Mexico – Arrest of second human rights defender from the Yaqui Tribeposted on: 2014/09/29

Early on 23 September 2014, human rights defender Mr Fernando Jiménez Gutiérrez was arrested as he made his way to work in the town of Vícam, Sonora State.

Kenya: Human rights lawyer Wendy Wanja Mutegi receives threatsposted on: 2014/09/25

On 23 September 2014, human rights lawyer Ms Wendy Wanja Mutegi was forced to cancel her scheduled community meetings for fear of attack from a group of men who had threatened to harm her if she does not halt her advocacy work on behalf of an indigenous community in Eastern Kenya.

Azerbaijan – Human rights defender Ms Leyla Yunus beaten in detentionposted on: 2014/09/25

On 24 September 2014, lawyers of human rights defender Ms Leyla Yunus were finally permitted access to their client after two days of being denied access to see her in Baku pre-trial prison. Reportedly, on 23 Setpember 2014, Leyla Yunus was beaten by a prison guard.

Guatemala – Temporary detention, and subsequent release, of human rights defenders following peaceful demonstration against mining activitiesposted on: 2014/09/24

Human rights defenders Ms Norma Lila Sut Sancir and Mr Carlos Alfredo Juárez Díaz were released on 22 September 2014 following their arrest in the department of Chiquimula in what Front Line Defenders interprets as an attempt to criminalise human rights defenders for their participation in peaceful demonstrations against human rights violations in Guatemala.

Indonesia – Human rights lawyer Ms Latifah Anum Siregar attacked in Papua provinceposted on: 2014/09/22

On 16 September 2014, at about 11:00 p.m., human rights lawyer Ms Latifah Anum Siregar, was physically attacked and robbed while returning back from the pre-trial court hearings to her hotel in Wamena city, Papua province.

Bahrain – Human rights defender Ms Ghada Jamsheer detained for tweetingposted on: 2014/09/19

On the evening of 14 September 2014, human rights defender Ms Ghada Jamsheer was arrested after the Public Prosecution ordered her detention for one week, during which she will be interrogated on allegations of defamation.

Kyrgyzstan – Violent attack on human rights defender Ms Dinara Mukanbaevaposted on: 2014/09/17

On 9 September 2014, Ms Dinara Mukanbaeva was struck in the head by an unknown assailant while getting into her car.

DRC – Abduction of human rights defenders and Ms Neema Bitu and Mr Jacques Mugangaposted on: 2014/09/17

On 14 September 2014, two human rights defenders, Ms Neema Bitu and Mr Jacques Muganga, were found after being kidnapped and held for two days by members of a rebel group.

DRC – Body of human rights defender Mr Mutebwa Kaboko found after abduction by armed groupposted on: 2014/09/16

On 13 September 2014, the corpse of human rights defender Mr Mutebwa Kaboko was found in a forest, eight days after he was kidnapped by an armed group.

Sudan – Human rights defender Mr Hassan Ishaq on hunger strike in detentionposted on: 2014/09/16

On 15 September 2014, human rights defender Mr Hassan Ishaq declared that he has begun a hunger strike to protest the conditions of his detention.

Sri Lanka – Human rights lawyers Mr Namal Rajapakshe and Mr Manjula Pathiraja receive death threatsposted on: 2014/09/15

On 13 September 2014, human rights defenders Mr Namal Rajapakshe and Mr Manjula Pathiraja were threatened with death in connection to their work as defence lawyers.